Site update

Wow again Long overdue. I did not update my site since Jan 2010... Hmm! now it is Jan 5. 2014 and I finally pull myself together ;) ... enjoy.

Still in Denmark now engaged!

Now I’m engaged with Maxima that live and study in Cebu Philippines. We met online back in mar 2012. Max has visited me in Denmark 2 times since!
Life has not changed much for me the past years. I keep getting more problems with my back aces and life events traveling and working for peace around the world has cached up with me.
I have been diagnosed with... PTSD back in 2009.
I the new near I hope to finaly get an approval to go on to early retirement. I have been at it for the past 6 years and still waiting for it... I feel abused by the social system here in Denmark.

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