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My name is Meno Keen Percy Oler.

I was born 1959 in Casablanca, Morocco. My father was American. I came to Denmark in 1962, three years old. I grew op in Copenhagen mostly. I served in the Danish Army on the island of Bornholm in the Marine regiment (the only remaining Marine Infantry soldiers left in the Danish Army today). I spendĀ  a total of eight years in the Army. I got my degree as a Constructing Architect back in 1987. you can read more about my professional career in my CV.

Someone has once said about me...

Meno, you will have a life of prosperity and happiness. You can go ahead with your plans and achieve tremendous success in life.

You are an intelligent individual, you can chalk out a thoughtful and methodic approach to issues, without adopting a rash attitude, and achieve very good results.

You have also the ability to think of new ideas and experiment with them. Invariably your original approach will yield rich dividends.

Being a kind and generous person, you will extend a helping hand to the needy. But people can't fool you, as you have the unseen power of reading others' thoughts. You know to whom you have to provide succor and whom you have to ignore.

You don't make friends easily, but once you accept someone as your pal, you will treat him like an ally and stand by him/her at all times. In turn, friends extend their full support to you.

You will have a pleasant and enjoyable home life. With an attractive and desirable spouse and promising children, you can lead a life of contentment.

As (spiritual) person, you will undertake many pilgrimages. You won't shirk contributing liberally to charity. You will also evince a keen interest in learning about the mysteries of the universe and the cycles of birth.