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  • Seth 1993
  • Neals Books 1996
  • The Order of Crimson Circle 2004
  • Kryon 2004
  • Name change 2005

My spiritual assension path

Here are explanations and links to things that occupies my mind and to some degree my action from time to time.

Read about channeling her


Seth as channeled by Jane Roberts painted by Robert Butts. Seth 1 and Seth 2 in picture. Seth 2 is an aspect of Seth, but there are also many more Seths; Seth 3 and Seth 4 came through also. Seth told us we all create our own reality.

The meaning of our existence here has -  since some time around 1993-94, and especially while in the mission for UN in Rwanda - taken me on a journey of  confirmation. Confirmation of things that I somehow always thought were true for me.

One evening I spent time with a Danish friend in the mission. We had long conversations about why, how and when we are. She enlightened me to the fact that the  things that I told her, she had read about in a series of books by the writer Jane Roberts. She had back in the 70's written a book called "The Seth Material".

My life and my view on all that is, has never been the same after reading "The Seth Material".  

I've added a link to a site that has several quotes from the books...

Neal Donald Walsch.



In recent years I have come into contact with my dear friend Klaus Andersen. He is also a person who shares my view on "All That Is". During my stay in Denmark 1996-1999 he contacted me after having been out of touch for about 15 years.  

At the time  we met, I was not aware that we shared the same beliefs. However, at my 43 year birthday celebration he gave me a book written by Neal Donald Walsh. Somehow I was not surprised getting the book from him. I immediately recognized it was in line with the books I had read some years earlier in Rwanda. After reading the first book in a hotel room in  Kabul, Afghanistan, I went to a book shop on my family visit the same year, to acquire the 2 other books in the series. I have since my return to Denmark retrieved and read more books by Mr. Walsh.  

Conversations with God Foundation

The Crimson Circle.


In the summer of 2004, I was told by a friend that she had started to be interested in an interesting thing called The Crimson Circle, and that it could be found on the internet at In the following days I was busy with other things, but finally got around to check it out some 10 days after.

After having read and listened in on some of the channels by Tobias via the medium Geoffrey Hoppe, I realized quickly that it was a step up/further on the path, that I had started out on some 8+ years back (in Rwanda 1995).

At about the same time, I was planning my vacation in the USA. I had some ideas about going hiking in the wilderness, somewhere in the USA. However, in the time I had available, I could not find  a tour that sounded good to my wallet or my timing. When I went browsing the Crimson Circle web page,  I found that  there was in fact a Crimson Circle Midsummer Conference going on from the 15th trough to 18th of July 2004. I made a quick decision there to go for that conference, despite the fact the I had just a few days prior to this been unaware of The Crimson Circle. I was the next 10 days busy catching up on some of the channels that Tobias had made the past year, and, at the same time, getting all the stuff together that I would need for the hiking after the conference.

See some pictures from the conference here.

Who is Tobias? Tobias is an energy, or spirit, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe. Tobias is part of a spiritual group called the Crimson Council.

Tobias's messages to the Crimson Circle began in 1999 to a group of Colorado area lightworkers, also known as Shaumbra. He often starts a channeled session with words like this:

I, Tobias, will speak through our friend, the one we call Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), but we will be speaking to each of you, to your hearts, to your Divine Selves on this day. The words that you hear (and read) are not so important as the messages and the love and the energy that we bring forth on this day to family, to Shaumbra.

Tobias has called the Crimson Circle the "Classroom of the New Spiritual Energy." It is here that we learn about the dynamics of the new empowerment and enlightenment. According to Tobias, we are actually helping to create the architecture of the new energy. We learn what it is like to integrate our True Selves with our Human Self, to be Divine Humans walking on this planet. As we learn about our divine nature, we quietly and gently teach others to accept and understand their own divinity.




In October 2004 I read the Tobias book “The Tobias Material – the Creators Series”. In the book, I was acquainted with the Kryon Energy. This energy is channeled by a guy called Lee Carroll. He has written lots of books over the years since he started to channel in 1989. With a total of eleven metaphysical books being released in a nine-year span. There are now almost 800,000 Kryon and Indigo books in print in eighteen other languages worldwide. I have started to read his book now and am expecting to finish his books some time beginning of 2005.

The books are in line with other New Age stuff. However, differ as Kryon also talks about science, aliens, etc. (more boys stuff).

I attended the 13 November 2004, meeting in New Jersey, a very uplifting experience as expected. I bought my first 3 books at that meeting.


My New Name


In January 2005 I went to my friend Helena. She laid out my numerology and I found that it was time for me to change my name.

Two issues was founding my decision.

    I needed to change my over all energi both inside and on the outside.

    It was also evident that I needed a last kik to open up for that last Pease’s of my personal spiritual puzzle.

On second of February 2005 I finally Changed my name to Meno Keen Percy Oler.

It will take about a period of two years to adjust to my new name. However, I'm looking forward to feel and embrace the change taking place