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Resumé / CV

Meno Keen Percy Oler



Copenhagen, Denmark.


+45 40802001

E-mail / Web:


March 1959


Danish, English, a bit German and Portuguese.

Family status:

Divorced, two sons at the age of 12 and 14 years old.

Present work:

Hobby artist.


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  • Painter
  • Building facilities operations and maintenance.
  • Business management.
  • Time planning and cost analysis.
  • Supervision and administration.
  • Building design and layout.
  • Quantity Surveying.
  • Storage facility management.
  • Calculations of Bearing Constructions (Chartered until 3 level high structures).
  • Calculation and Design of Service Installations (Central Ventilation, Water, and Sewage systems).
  • Quality assurance (design and implementation).
  • Building fire prevention and inspection.
  • Site management.
  • Adult Teaching and planning of education.
  • Computer Aided Design 2D and 3D.

Computer skills:

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Proficiency in;

  • Solid Works
  • AutoCAD
  • MS-Project
  • MS-Office
  • ArcView, KortView
  • Adobe Master Suite CS5

Familiar with the basics in;

  • ArcInfo, ICEM CAD-system.

(My user list is here being limited to essential programs)



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  • 1984-1987, Constructing Architect, Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction Management (Bygningskonstruktør BTH M.A.K.), Copenhagen Denmark. For more information, contact "Danish Association of Constructing Architects" at, Ny Vestergade 13, 3., DK-1471 Copenhagen K. Denmark.  link1 link2 link31979, Degree in Management and Teaching, Copenhagen, Certificate.

Additional courses:

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  • ESRI Internet Courses for ArcGIS (I & II) ArcView 8, ArcEditor 8 and ArcInfo 8.
  • Municipality Building Inspection Course.
  • Super User Courses in MS-Word, Access and Excel.
  • Fire prevention Course for Building- Maintenance, Designers and Inspectors.
  • Management and Maintenance of buildings.
  • Private Business Management course.
  • Course in Computer Aided design, Copenhagen covering AutoCAD 2D and 3D and ICEM.
  • Higher Diploma in Adult Educational Techniques.
  • Diploma as a Teacher in Radio Communication VHF.
  • Normal and Higher Diploma in First Aid Teaching.

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  • Freelance Engineering Management Consultant, Web Designer, Web Assistant and Inventor.
Self-employment as an independent contractor & painter, Denmark.
  • Responsible for all company work and operations, finances, promotion, etc. Managing workers as required for the contracted work. Moreover, consulting and project management work.
UN Logo
United Nations Mission In Ethiopia and Eritrea. Link
  • Chief of Engineering Operations,  Responsible for all engineering works and maintenance operations in all sectors of UNMEE mission area outside mission HQ and Logistics base.
    • In the same period temporary stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan (UNAMA) for six months, as OIC Engineering Section. On return to UNMEE assigned as OIC GeoCell for 3 months. In that time managed to turn the Cell activities in the right direction and re-organize and motivate the cell staff. Link
    • More PDF1 PDF2
UN Logo
United Nations Mission In Sierra Leone Link
  • Officer in Charge of Engineering Section and
  • Contract manager,
Brondby Municipality, Copenhagen, Denmark. Link
  • Local authority Building Inspector and Consultan
Self employed
  • Engineering Consultant for firm's and Organisations in Angola.
  • Chief of Refrigeration, Electrical and Mechanical Units.
UN Logo
United Nations, UNAMIR, Kigali, Rwanda. Link
  • Chief of Engineering Operations,
  • Head of the Special Representative of the Secretary General's Prison Team, Sept.-Dec. 95.
UN Logo
United Nations, UNPROFOR, former Yugoslavia. Link
  • Main Construction Supervisor.
UN Logo
UN-Peacekeeping Force, Danish Army,
UNPROFOR, former Yugoslavia.
“a2 Tegnestuen”, an Architect Firm in Holstebro, Denmark. Link
  • Constructing Architect,
PHILLIPS Services Centre, Copenhagen Denmark.
  • Sales Operations asst.
“Holm Huse” a Construction Co. in Holstebro, Denmark. Link
  • Constructing Architect & Systems Manager.




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Royal Danish Marine Corps. Link
  • During which time, I also served within UN missions UNFICYP and also 1992 served in UNPROFOR.
  • Discharged as Staff Sergeant 1st. class. With honor.


Professional societies:

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  • Member of DACA - Danish Association of Constructing Architects. Link

    • DACA is Member of ECBP - The European Council for Building Professionals. Link


  • Member of CIOB - Corporate Member at the Chartered Institute of Building, allowed using the title "Chartered Builder". Link


Published work:

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  • Articles in Construction Engineering Magazine, "CAD - a lot of possibilities, no universal solutions."