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Meno and the Military

1978-1982 and 1992-1993

I was drafted in 1978 and volunteered to serve with the Marine Regiment on the island of Bornholm. I was selected for squad leader very early. After my drafted term I joined the professional ranks in 1978 and went later on to Sergeant School in June – September 1979. I left the army to finish my engineering degree in 1985. I rejoined my old unit in 1992 to serve with them in the early parts on the UNPROFOR Mission. I transferred to work with the United Nations as a civilians Engineer in March 1993.

Summer 1978, 1 company, 1 platoon.

Summer 1978

1 squad

1 squad

1 squad. going for a run.

1 squad

Counting our stuff again and again and again ;-)

1 platoon

Going for the Marine Regiment 1 batalion 2 coy (the Lions)

Marine Regiment


On the shooting range Raghammer, Bornholm.

Sergeant School 1979

Sergeant School

Sgt. Oler

Parade in Rønne, Bornholm


Ssgt. Oler

2 week redraft 1988

Redraft 1988

2 week redraft 1991

Redraft 1991