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Orbs in my space

Hi I have here added a few pictures of Orbs that come and go's in my life. lately I have noticed that the phenomena has intensified in my space... I first noticed that is was in my life back in 2005 and it has been coming and going up till now... However, more and more so I have noticed that it is creasing in intensity and the number of Orbs is increasing... this is so cool jubiii!!!

I made a post on the Crimson circle message bord that you can follow and learn more about orbs... I will aslo in time be updating the findings here... enjoy ;-)

The link to the Message Board

In my appartment March 2009, Copenhagen.

One morning I made protos of the appartment that I was soon to move out from... I never saw so many Orbs in my space before... cool!

The hall
Orbs in my Hall

My Living room
More OrbsOrbsOrbs

More Orbs in my Bedroom

In my workshop November-December 2008, Copenhagen.

If you have seen the pages about my projects you will know that I'm working on a new engine that will produce free energy... over a period of 7-8 months I was building a portable workshop for the work i'm doing... here are pictures I have taken from there... also plenty of orbs. :-)

Same room weeks after

Same time